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 108 Floors

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PostSubject: 108 Floors   Tue Jul 19, 2011 4:26 pm

Okay, this is what I'm working on right now. If you guys can give me concrit it'd be appreciated. You don't have to not say anything because I want to make this have some effort put into it. Without further ado~

Quote :
Summer was at its peak; nobody was thrilled to be standing in the large crowd gathered in front of the skyscraper. Of course, the only reason anybody was there was because this was the opportunity of a lifetime. Paradise Industries was holding their first-ever “tour,” and hopefuls from around the globe had amassed in front of their main office to have a ghost of a chance at entering. It was hardly a run-of-the-mill tour, and the masses paid attention only because it was so hyped in the media. And of course because of the prize for being the first to the top: a large cut of the corporation’s considerable profits.

A brunette woman puffed on her cigarette on one of the benches, constantly peeling the back of her shirt that had become sticky with sweat. She scanned the other contenders and her mouth twitched in a smile. This would be easy. She was the mole sent to make sure everyone else played by the rules, but that didn’t mean she had to. For a raise, she’d been more than willing to backstab her way to the top. Her job and her life depended on it. President Navarro didn’t take no for an answer, after all. The somewhat reluctant helper looked at the fake driver’s license that had been printed off just an hour ago.

“Taylor Jonsen,” she murmured. Well, there were plenty of worse names. Taylor swallowed in nervousness as she watched for the guard to come out. Of course her name was going to be called, but she had no idea what to expect once inside. Taylor didn’t work at this branch, and had been flown from Ontario to Detroit. First class, of course. In fact, she was just a secretary; she didn’t have any real idea what Paradise Industries even did half the time, and never really looked closely at any paperwork. She just wasn’t like that.

Taylor’s heart began to race, and she extinguished her cigarette as the gates opened with an ominous screech.

Today was a good day. At least, considering. There were still the bills to be paid, the wife to be buried, and the kids to feed, but Vince felt that today was his lucky day. Surely the fact that his boss had allowed him to have this particular week off to fly from the UK (unpaid, of course, but still) was a sign. Not like he was ever a fortunate man, but eventually something good had to happen. He stood motionless among the others, willing his name to be drawn as the gates opened and a man strode out. Vince wiped the sweat from his face, watching the droplets as they fell onto the pavement under him and appeared to sizzle.

Names were being read off now, and Vince crossed his fingers, praying to every higher power he could think of for one of them to be his. If he wasn’t called, there wasn’t any way he’d be able to do this alone.

“Vincent Haynes,” the woman on stage announced. Vince raised his hands and jumped in excitement, making for the entrance as the jealous crowd parted to let him pass.

Monique glared at her broken heel in frustration. Now, of all times, it had to break. But of course she was prepared. She was always prepared for anything. People said she probably kept an entire evacuation center in her bag, but that was kind of pushing it. She’d made the drive as quickly as she could, and now she was going to be late because of a freaking shoe. Kicking off her remaining intact footwear, she reached into her backpack and pulled out a pair of sandals. They’d have to do, and at least she could pull off the pantyhose she’d been wearing. Five hundred feet ahead was the crowd she’d been expecting to see. It was so quiet that Monique knew names were being read aloud now. Hopefully the IT guy she’d hired to smuggle her onto the list managed to do his job, because she hadn’t heard from him since she’d submitted her application.

Her first break into journalism. What could be better than busting a huge corporation like Paradise Industries? When Brian had died in the hospital three years ago from a construction accident, Monique had decided to take the law into her own hands and bring down those responsible. The path had, of course, lead to the megacorporation known throughout the world; Paradise Industries. With her plans so close to fruition, she could barely contain the mixture of fear and near-resolution brewing inside of her.

A burly man approached her. “Are you Monique Evans?” he asked, scanning a sheet of paper.

“Uh, yeah. Can I help you?” she answered, carefully keeping a guarded tone. The man looked at her with disinterest.

“Follow me,” he ordered, and Monique fingered her pocketknife. She knew how shady the company could be. Not that she’d ever been in any physical danger, but still. Better safe than breathing through a straw. The man pushed through everyone with ease because of his authority, and Monique decided to listen. It was best to cooperate as long as possible, she decided as she crossed the gates and entered the building.

At least seven other people were there. Three other women and four men from what she could tell, but Monique wasn’t sure if more people were going to be called in or not. Now that she was indoors, Monique suddenly felt as if she was freezing from the air conditioning, but that was hardly something to complain about. The lobby was gigantic and softly lit, with plain white floors and walls. She could only see one other door, presumably the way to the top.

But she wasn’t as interested in that as she was interested in finding some dirt on President Navarro.

The door slammed shut. Vince could hardly believe that he’d been chosen. He checked his phone, staring at the wallpaper. Molly and Deana, his daughters, were at their aunts, and he promised himself he’d like to see them smiling all the time, like they were on his cell phone.

An imposing woman walked onto the stage and Taylor’s heart froze. Navarro herself, sizing up the group. Taylor didn’t meet her gaze, staring ahead of her to keep the lump in her throat from choking her. President Navarro was the most powerful woman on the planet, with ties to just about every man or woman with any power on the planet. Taylor secretly believed the rumors that she had her insidious tendrils planted deep in the criminal underworld.

Best to stay on her good side and pretend to only vaguely recognize her, like the others were now. Her stomach felt like it couldn’t decide whether to shoot up her throat or down to her feet. Navarro was standing on a small podium, and spoke into the small microphone with practiced clarity.

“Welcome, everyone,” she said. The tone of her voice was one of a grandmother, or a teacher. Taylor shuddered in fear, knowing that this was a complete fabrication. Navarro was the last person who should be a grandmother or teacher or even be allowed near children. She was, however, the first person who deserved to be thrown into her own padded cell for the rest of her miserable life. The woman stepped down and began to shake everyone’s hands. Taylor’s hand was gripped, immediately going numb, and she could have sworn Ms. Navarro was giving her a smile.

More like a shark about to devour its meal, Taylor thought grimly as she moved on to the next person.

“There are a hundred and eight floors to this building,” Navarro was saying. “I am Marie Navarro, for those of you unfamiliar with me. But I’m sure you all know who I am!” Nervous laughter rippled through the eight contestants. “We have disabled the elevators, so you’ll need to navigate by taking the stairs. However, in an effort to remain fair…” she paused, then continued, “…we’ve decided to prevent you from simply bowling over each other. There are multiple ways to the top if you go through the door behind me. At this time I’d like to remind you that Paradise Industries is in no way responsible for any injuries that may occur, so please try not to trip going up the stairs.” Navarro took out a revolver and raised it into the air.

A tanned woman standing next to Taylor began to fidget uncomfortably.

“Anyway, good luck everyone! We’ll be watching your progress via camera. When I fire, be ready to run!”

A gunshot, and everyone dashed for the door.


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108 Floors
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