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All rping and big fancy schmancy buisness talks will officially be taken here from now on.
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 Doodle war/chat!!

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I can quit RP anytime I want. I just dont want to
I can quit RP anytime I want. I just dont want to

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PostSubject: Doodle war/chat!!   Mon Nov 08, 2010 7:07 pm

Okay so these forums have been gathering rust for awhile so I decided to dust em off and do soemthing fun and cool with em! WE SHALL HAVE A DOODLE WAR.....or a chat if you wanna be peaceful

This is how this doodle chat will work:

-each post a person shall submit a relevant doodle (relevant meaning it should pertain in someway to the doodles that took place before unless you want to send yourself in a doodle palce where no one is)

- you cannot submit more than one doodle per post (you can make that one doodle comic style if you must)

-you can use any method of putting a picture onto these forums as you see fit as long as they allow the people to see the picture ON THE FORUM PAGE (meaning no external links) you can scan photos in, use an art program or anything you feel like using. As long as we can see it properly and such.

-keep the doodles appropiate, no pervy wierd stuff

-these doodles do not necissarly adhere to the rules of reality BUT you cannot go all crazy out of nowhere just cause you think it would be funny.

-be fair, and nice and do not hassle other people if you think their art isnt "cut out" for the doodle chat.

now then.....i will add any other ruels that seem necessary later to this main post. LET THE DOODLING BEGIN

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Doodle war/chat!!
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